Sunday, February 26, 2012

My journey for Oeko Popo

A few weeks ago I entered a giveaway for an Oeko Popo diaper.  It was part of her tester line, and looked AWESOME.  I had only heard about this woman's diapers.  I had never seen one yet!  So I entered, and I won.

When this last Thursday rolled around, I still had not received the diaper.  It had been over a week since we had notification that she shipped it.  Caleb had it shipped to the old house in Beaverton, and we figured since the USPS forwarded his tax stubs, they would forward the diaper right?

I contacted Oeko Popo, who showed me it in fact had been shipped and delivered, and they had accepted the package.  I contacted the post office, who confirmed it had been delivered 5 days prior to the old address.  Since Jacob was home sick that day, I quickly loaded the kids up in the car before 4 oclock traffic would hit, and start the almost 40 mile and one hour trip to Beaverton.

When I got there I got lucky, they were college students, and all roommates.  They had received the package and found it odd and threw it on the counter, which there it sat for 5 days and they gladly handed it over to me.  :)  I had finally received the diaper I was so stalking the mailbox for every day for the past week.

Now on to my review and thoughts on this diaper.

I immediately pulled it out and just stood in awe of this perfect diaper.  You could tell so much thought went into the making of this woman's diapers.  She thought of everything, down to the snaps, the elastic everything.  And it was so thin!  And tiny in the middle, it truly resembled a disposable!  That's how trim it was! And is!  I couldn't find really a single thing wrong with this diaper upon looking at it.

I took it home, washed it twice, and put it on Malachi.  It worked great.  It has a heat fused initial soaker pad that is very soft in the middle of the diaper.  She also thought about how to keep it in place but add snaps so you could snap in another doubler.  It's really hard to explain but I love it!    Saves on snaps!  She also took in the consideration that not all babies are built the same, some have thinner legs, some have chunkier legs, etc.  So she installed adjustable elastic.  Now I'm one of those people who likes know that the elastic is tight on baby's leg, so I tightened it up a little bit!  But I kept it loose so I can loosen it later if I needed it.  It's one size, she claims her diapers fit 7-40lbs.  Malachi is in M so he's on size 2 for the diapers.

Let's just get onto the pictures to better explain this diaper.

I stacked up some of my other diapers to the Oeko Popo.  The Oeko Popo is on top, below it is a stuffed Diaper Rite cover, followed by a stuffed Flip Cover, and then a Diaper Rite pocket diaper.  As you can plainly see it is the trimmest out of all the diapers.  It is a little bit thicker because it is double stuffed.

 Here is the out side of the diaper on Malachi's setting.  It does have another row of snaps to make it smaller or to make it bigger.  It has nice big elastic at the waist.  Design didn't matter to me, even though it looks cool, I can live without design too!

Inside of diaper with soaker snapped in and without.  I like that it's "heat fused" in there.  However to my like there's still a lot of PUL showing, but in all honesty, how else would you make it?  I also am finding that I hate snap in doublers, because if I don't put it in, then those snaps are up against baby's crotch, but then I don't mind using it just as it comes either.  So it's really preference!

Here is the adjustable elastic I was talking about.  Very creative!

 Here it is all snapped together on Malachi's setting.  She included start snaps, which again is nice but I can live without.  I find the star snaps are a little hard to undo and do.  But I don't mind it enough to say anything bad about it.

And on my 14lbs + not even 2 months old.  I love it, and hope that it will grow with him as he gets older.

So where to buy?

This diaper pictured is not in her shop just yet.  It should be releasing soon.  I can't wait to see how Malachi grows in the future.  Because I'm really worried about him outgrowing his one size diapers.  And if these continue to fit, you can guarantee that these will be his "big boy" diapers.  And I will be purchasing a lot of these!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

3 Sweet Peas Fitted Diaper and Cover

Last week I won a giveaway for a fitted diaper and cover.  The woman will be opening her Etsy shop on the 29th.  So I told her I wouldn't mind reviewing her creation.

First off, it came faster than anything I'd ever ordered.  I don't know if she knows someone who knows someone at the post office, but it was truly amazing.  One day it was, "I'll need your address to ship" and the next day it was here.

First I'll review the cover.

When I opened up my free "fluffy mail" I really liked everything in it.  Then I really got to looking at it, and the cover kind of shocked me.  It was extremely wide.  I'm talking seriously wide.  I was wondering if I could even use it!  I took out my largest fitteds and they still were to small for this diaper.

Now I'm all for wide covers.  Don't get me wrong, but I wasn't sure what to do with this one.  Still I tossed it in the diaper pail and decided I was going to use it anyways.  But if your one of those mommas who doesn't like a whole lot of PUL near baby's skin, this cover may not be the right one for you.

Here is what it looks like

This is the diaper cover open

 Here it is closed.  It does not have snaps and is not a one size.  
And this is what I meant by it being wide.  I put my widest cover, a flip cover in it.  And this is what that looks like.

Ok, now that we're done with that, how did it preform?

I washed this cover with all my other diaper laundry.  I even dried it in the dryer.  It washed and dried fine.  I'm wondering if the dryer "activated" the velcro though, because when it came out of the dryer it was Superman tough to open.  The cover does have laundry tabs on it.  And trust me, these things are not coming loose in the wash at all.  I used the cover anyways(yes I know I have a boy, I'm an equally opportunity cloth diaperer, I love all diapers), and even though it was wide, it did work well.

So the pros.
It's really wide, nothing can leak out of this thing trust me!
It has super duper strength laundry tabs! 
It's a very generous cut!
It has flaps in the front and back to stuff it.
Feels sturdy

Because it's so wide, I'm not sure that I could stuff it with any prefolds as I would my Thirsties.

Now onto the fitted diaper.

When I pulled this glorious diaper out of the box, I was in love just touching it.  It was super soft, and I just couldn't wait to prep it and put it on Malachi's bum!  Even though yes, it's a girls print!

The diaper comes with a double snap in booster, which I have to say is not needed at all!  It makes the diaper very large and bulky, but it totally feels without the booster that it could hold up to anything.

It stood up to the dryer test too.  After one dryer cycle, this thing was dry and ready to go.  Including the boosters!

Here's what it looks like.

This is the diaper snapped together.  It's a different kind of diaper than I've ever used because it has hip snaps.  I've been dying to try one of these.  
Here is the inside of the diaper and the doublers.  I didn't remember it going into the wash green, it was just as white as the doublers, but then I realized she had put green fabric underneath.  So it turned a little green but it does not affect the diaper at all.  And it is on the inside.

I'm not sure what all the diaper is made out of.  The outside feels to me like there is some jersey in there, and the inside feels like a loop terry of a sort, but this is all just off of feel.  Regardless, it's super soft, even after washing. 

I used it on Malachi at nighttime.  Since now he's been sleeping for up to 4 hours at a time.  I used it with all the doublers and the cover.  And when he woke up, the outside of the diaper wasn't even wet!  With all the doublers in there, he couldn't even pee out of the diaper!(well not yet at least)  It was truly amazing.  At that time I immediately became a big fan of these fitteds.  I was totally in love with this diaper.

So the cons.
It's bulky with the doublers.  (It's the only thing I can thing of!)

The pros!
Has doublers.
Dries fast for a fitted
Snaps are hidden in the diaper, so absolutely NO snaps will touch baby's skin except for where the doubler snaps in.
Soft, soft, soft
Very absorbent

I think that's it.  Because we used it at night time I couldn't get a picture of Malachi IN the diaper itself.

I also don't know what she normally charges for these diapers, because her shop is not open yet.

You can contact her on FaceBook for now and send her a message she'll let you know.  

She also makes a variety of other things too, that you can see on her FaceBook until her shop opens on the 29th. 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Adding more new items!

I've been thinking about what are some cute things that I haven't made yet?  I'm getting kind of tired of making the same old same old items.  It grows wearing sewing on a monkey face for the gazillionth time.  Your looking at it like, "Oh my gosh again?"  Although it's fun too, your eyes start to waiver and you never see anything sewn on straight.

So I came up with some new ideas.

I've been wanting to do photo props, both diaper covers and capes.  Thanks to Kayla bringing it to my attention that she wanted some, I decided to branch out and do some different ones on my own.
So I made a bumble bee cape.  The cape is attached to the hat, and it's equipped with it's own little stinger on the butt.  It's slightly smaller than Malachi so will fit perfectly on a newborn.

I've also been wanting to do different animals, but again no one has really asked.  So I  went ahead and tried out some new things.  I did an actual mouse, that I can't find a picture of, and it came out pretty good.  I also have made a skunk.  Yes a skunk.  And I have to say I really like it!

Eco Nuts

Let's start off with what are Eco Nuts?

Eco Nuts are little dried berry shells from the soapberry tree in Asia.  They claim to have amazing cleaning abilities.  It reduces chemical buildup and odors in washing machines.  (Taken from the side of the box)

So onto what I think of these little berries.

I pretty much got upset with my cloth diapers.  I was washing them but Malachi had extreme poops and pees.  Ammonia was building up, they were smelling and obviously staining from his rancid poop.  I tried Country save, it didn't do anything.  I bought trials of Eco Sprout, nothing, I tried baking soda, vinegar and dawn, did nothing, I tried Costco Eco Friendly detergent. Still stained, still smelling.  I then tried the trial of BumGenius soap, and still NOTHING.  You can obviously understand I was upset.  Even after stripping my diapers still reeked, and still were stained.

So I caved and told Caleb I was purchasing this box of Eco Nuts.  I had heard such great things about them from when I cloth diapered Natalie, I now knew I needed to buy this soap.

I was just ecstatic to receive these little berries.  I checked the mailbox everyday, I couldn't wait.  I needed to try these berries.  I did more research on them and saw that they make your clothes "fluffier" Yep, you don't need to just use them for cloth diapers you can wash all your clothes in them!

Finally the day arrived, and there was a tiny box in my mailbox.  When we think laundry soap and 100 loads we all think a big box right?  Or a big bottle?  Well this itty bitty box was in my mailbox and I was thinking, "This does 100 loads?"

But I was still excited.  The instructions are easy.  You take 4-5 of the berries and put them in the cloth bag for washing.  Throw it in your washer, I didn't put it in the soap dispenser because it says on the box "works better with agitation" So I just started my load of towels.  After they came out of the dryer they most definitely weren't "fluffier" than before.  So I figured okay it probably takes a few loads.

The next day I needed to wash my cloth diapers.  I did the normal warm/warm wash, then threw in the berries with the hot/cold wash.  Not expecting what happened next!  When I pulled them out of the dryer all my cloth diapers felt different.  The flannel was softer, the suedecloth too, in face EVERYTHING was softer!  Including the microfiber!  It was amazing! The stains were starting to fade from all the fluffiness!  My flip organic inserts looked so BRIGHT! Only one wash and it did all that?  I am firmly now a believer and am only going to buy Eco Nuts from now on!

First off let me tell you how it works and the price, so you too can  become an Eco Nuts believer like me!

Eco nuts can work in both HE and regular laundry machines and front loaders.
It's septic safe.
As it says on the box, it's fragrance free, hypoallergenic,biodegradable, and non toxic(which is good if you have little kids running around)
Price is similar to Organic liquid detergent.  This little box plus shipping cost me $15, my bottle from Costco cost me that much and I'm just getting 20 less loads here(but I'm thinking with all the pieces I maybe able to get 105 loads out of it.
It's also nut allergy safe.
It DOES have a sweet smell, nothing like I've really smelled before and I'm constantly finding myself sniffing these little berries!
It's also great for storage.  The box is about the size of a tampon box(first thing I could think of!)!  Probably smaller.  It's so tiny!

How it works:
Take 4-5 nuts/berries out of the box, place in wash bag and throw in the wash with your clothes.  This little soap package will last you approximately 10 loads, maybe less if you constantly wash in hot water.

You shouldn't dry the berries in the dryer, just place them on top the washer or on top the box or run another load!  But if you do accidentally dry them don't worry, just take them out, they'll still work(Caleb did this!)

When the berries start to disinegrate, simply toss them and put 4-5 more in the bag.


Here's the berries.

And thanks to these wonderful berries, my son now has extra fluffy cloth diapers!  Which is good because he's sick today, and definitely doesn't want to be woken up to be changed!

And how to buy?

Simply go to and buy!  They are on Facebook too!  And keep checking back I am still launching new items for Adriannaknits and I now have won two diapers from work at home mommies.  So I plan on reviewing the Oeko Popo diaper when it gets here along with the Sweet Peas fitted diaper!  I can't wait!

Sunday, February 12, 2012


To our line up.

Hello Kitty!

I got some criticism on this new idea though about how off it is on somethings, like how the whiskers should be straight.  Shouldn't Hello Kitty have a pink nose?  And isn't it supposed to be between her eyes and not below?  And lastly, her bow is just to big.

Tell me what you think, I think it looks pretty good!

My options for this was to try and sell my tester for pennies, but my daughter loves it, so it's hers.  

Friday, February 10, 2012

Easing myself into this.

Time has gone on, and now I find myself starting a new blog.  However, this time, it's not for photography, this time to promote all my knitting and crocheting items.  But as of right now I want to share all the wonderful new blogs that I have found giving away my by far, most guilty addiction.

Cloth diapers.

There I have said, yes I am addicted to cloth diapers.  Ugh, isn't a sad day when you need to admit it?  I have well over 8 pocket diapers, 6 covers, 7 homemade fitteds, 6 flips inserts, 4 prefolds, and that's just the start.  I also have my version of newborn diapers(10lbs and up), and the large garbage bag upstairs in the new baby's bedroom that holds all my medium and large diapers.  It's official, I have to many.  So my husband has said that I can no longer buy anymore diapers.  If I want to try all those wonderful new products out there,  I need to win them.

That's when I went on the hunt, for cloth diaper giveaways.  Yep that's right, there are several blogs out there giving away one wonderful new diaper.  And it's just waiting for us.  I probably wouldn't of went on the hunt for more cloth diaper giveaways, but then today, I totally won one.  During a flash giveaway on Facebook I entered for an Oeko Popo AIO.  And I won.  And it's a beautiful diaper too.  I can't wait to get it.

Here's what it looks like.

Now I have many more giveaways to share.

Over at The Tree Huggin Momma, they're giving away a MoDia Pocket diaper.  I found MoDia from the Giving Diapers, Giving Hope giveaway hosted by Dirty Diaper Laundry on Facebook.  I don't know much about the diapers but they look AWESOME, and would love to get one.

Here's the link to the Giving Diapers, Giving Hope giveaway.

Then if you head on over to the Life with my Littles blog, there is a bunch of diaper giveaways, that just look so tempting!

First she's giving away a Happy Heiny's one size pocket diaper.

Happy Heiny's is an amazing brand of diapers.  I have the pleasure of owning one of their newborn fitteds, and I personally love it.  Adding this diaper would be so nice.

Second she's giving away a Soft Bums diaper

I know nothing about these diapers but they look like they would be interesting to try.  I'm always up for trying something new and different!

Third she's giving away a Kawaii one size pocket diaper!

It looks like this one is ending soon but they're a great diaper!  I've heard great things about them!

4th she's giving a Dick and Jane diaper.
Don't know anything about these diapers but again I love trying new things!

My last find of the day is over at Eco Baby Mama Drama
She's giving away a knickernappies diaper. I have not used these but have read rave reviews about them!

Unfortunately this contest ends in like 10 minutes.  Ugh..sorry.

I'm completely new to all these sites and blogs, but they all look very interesting, not just the giveaways!  I know that I have suscribed to blogs before just for the giveaways and then gotten hooked.  And kept following.  It's so much fun to read reviews on all the new diaper products out there!

So that's sadly what I've been up to these days besides looking for a job and taking care of three little ones.  Obsessing over cloth diaper contests!  Hoping to post tomorrow for what I'd like to add my own site AdriannaKnits!