Thursday, February 16, 2012

Adding more new items!

I've been thinking about what are some cute things that I haven't made yet?  I'm getting kind of tired of making the same old same old items.  It grows wearing sewing on a monkey face for the gazillionth time.  Your looking at it like, "Oh my gosh again?"  Although it's fun too, your eyes start to waiver and you never see anything sewn on straight.

So I came up with some new ideas.

I've been wanting to do photo props, both diaper covers and capes.  Thanks to Kayla bringing it to my attention that she wanted some, I decided to branch out and do some different ones on my own.
So I made a bumble bee cape.  The cape is attached to the hat, and it's equipped with it's own little stinger on the butt.  It's slightly smaller than Malachi so will fit perfectly on a newborn.

I've also been wanting to do different animals, but again no one has really asked.  So I  went ahead and tried out some new things.  I did an actual mouse, that I can't find a picture of, and it came out pretty good.  I also have made a skunk.  Yes a skunk.  And I have to say I really like it!

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