Thursday, February 16, 2012

Eco Nuts

Let's start off with what are Eco Nuts?

Eco Nuts are little dried berry shells from the soapberry tree in Asia.  They claim to have amazing cleaning abilities.  It reduces chemical buildup and odors in washing machines.  (Taken from the side of the box)

So onto what I think of these little berries.

I pretty much got upset with my cloth diapers.  I was washing them but Malachi had extreme poops and pees.  Ammonia was building up, they were smelling and obviously staining from his rancid poop.  I tried Country save, it didn't do anything.  I bought trials of Eco Sprout, nothing, I tried baking soda, vinegar and dawn, did nothing, I tried Costco Eco Friendly detergent. Still stained, still smelling.  I then tried the trial of BumGenius soap, and still NOTHING.  You can obviously understand I was upset.  Even after stripping my diapers still reeked, and still were stained.

So I caved and told Caleb I was purchasing this box of Eco Nuts.  I had heard such great things about them from when I cloth diapered Natalie, I now knew I needed to buy this soap.

I was just ecstatic to receive these little berries.  I checked the mailbox everyday, I couldn't wait.  I needed to try these berries.  I did more research on them and saw that they make your clothes "fluffier" Yep, you don't need to just use them for cloth diapers you can wash all your clothes in them!

Finally the day arrived, and there was a tiny box in my mailbox.  When we think laundry soap and 100 loads we all think a big box right?  Or a big bottle?  Well this itty bitty box was in my mailbox and I was thinking, "This does 100 loads?"

But I was still excited.  The instructions are easy.  You take 4-5 of the berries and put them in the cloth bag for washing.  Throw it in your washer, I didn't put it in the soap dispenser because it says on the box "works better with agitation" So I just started my load of towels.  After they came out of the dryer they most definitely weren't "fluffier" than before.  So I figured okay it probably takes a few loads.

The next day I needed to wash my cloth diapers.  I did the normal warm/warm wash, then threw in the berries with the hot/cold wash.  Not expecting what happened next!  When I pulled them out of the dryer all my cloth diapers felt different.  The flannel was softer, the suedecloth too, in face EVERYTHING was softer!  Including the microfiber!  It was amazing! The stains were starting to fade from all the fluffiness!  My flip organic inserts looked so BRIGHT! Only one wash and it did all that?  I am firmly now a believer and am only going to buy Eco Nuts from now on!

First off let me tell you how it works and the price, so you too can  become an Eco Nuts believer like me!

Eco nuts can work in both HE and regular laundry machines and front loaders.
It's septic safe.
As it says on the box, it's fragrance free, hypoallergenic,biodegradable, and non toxic(which is good if you have little kids running around)
Price is similar to Organic liquid detergent.  This little box plus shipping cost me $15, my bottle from Costco cost me that much and I'm just getting 20 less loads here(but I'm thinking with all the pieces I maybe able to get 105 loads out of it.
It's also nut allergy safe.
It DOES have a sweet smell, nothing like I've really smelled before and I'm constantly finding myself sniffing these little berries!
It's also great for storage.  The box is about the size of a tampon box(first thing I could think of!)!  Probably smaller.  It's so tiny!

How it works:
Take 4-5 nuts/berries out of the box, place in wash bag and throw in the wash with your clothes.  This little soap package will last you approximately 10 loads, maybe less if you constantly wash in hot water.

You shouldn't dry the berries in the dryer, just place them on top the washer or on top the box or run another load!  But if you do accidentally dry them don't worry, just take them out, they'll still work(Caleb did this!)

When the berries start to disinegrate, simply toss them and put 4-5 more in the bag.


Here's the berries.

And thanks to these wonderful berries, my son now has extra fluffy cloth diapers!  Which is good because he's sick today, and definitely doesn't want to be woken up to be changed!

And how to buy?

Simply go to and buy!  They are on Facebook too!  And keep checking back I am still launching new items for Adriannaknits and I now have won two diapers from work at home mommies.  So I plan on reviewing the Oeko Popo diaper when it gets here along with the Sweet Peas fitted diaper!  I can't wait!

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