Sunday, February 26, 2012

My journey for Oeko Popo

A few weeks ago I entered a giveaway for an Oeko Popo diaper.  It was part of her tester line, and looked AWESOME.  I had only heard about this woman's diapers.  I had never seen one yet!  So I entered, and I won.

When this last Thursday rolled around, I still had not received the diaper.  It had been over a week since we had notification that she shipped it.  Caleb had it shipped to the old house in Beaverton, and we figured since the USPS forwarded his tax stubs, they would forward the diaper right?

I contacted Oeko Popo, who showed me it in fact had been shipped and delivered, and they had accepted the package.  I contacted the post office, who confirmed it had been delivered 5 days prior to the old address.  Since Jacob was home sick that day, I quickly loaded the kids up in the car before 4 oclock traffic would hit, and start the almost 40 mile and one hour trip to Beaverton.

When I got there I got lucky, they were college students, and all roommates.  They had received the package and found it odd and threw it on the counter, which there it sat for 5 days and they gladly handed it over to me.  :)  I had finally received the diaper I was so stalking the mailbox for every day for the past week.

Now on to my review and thoughts on this diaper.

I immediately pulled it out and just stood in awe of this perfect diaper.  You could tell so much thought went into the making of this woman's diapers.  She thought of everything, down to the snaps, the elastic everything.  And it was so thin!  And tiny in the middle, it truly resembled a disposable!  That's how trim it was! And is!  I couldn't find really a single thing wrong with this diaper upon looking at it.

I took it home, washed it twice, and put it on Malachi.  It worked great.  It has a heat fused initial soaker pad that is very soft in the middle of the diaper.  She also thought about how to keep it in place but add snaps so you could snap in another doubler.  It's really hard to explain but I love it!    Saves on snaps!  She also took in the consideration that not all babies are built the same, some have thinner legs, some have chunkier legs, etc.  So she installed adjustable elastic.  Now I'm one of those people who likes know that the elastic is tight on baby's leg, so I tightened it up a little bit!  But I kept it loose so I can loosen it later if I needed it.  It's one size, she claims her diapers fit 7-40lbs.  Malachi is in M so he's on size 2 for the diapers.

Let's just get onto the pictures to better explain this diaper.

I stacked up some of my other diapers to the Oeko Popo.  The Oeko Popo is on top, below it is a stuffed Diaper Rite cover, followed by a stuffed Flip Cover, and then a Diaper Rite pocket diaper.  As you can plainly see it is the trimmest out of all the diapers.  It is a little bit thicker because it is double stuffed.

 Here is the out side of the diaper on Malachi's setting.  It does have another row of snaps to make it smaller or to make it bigger.  It has nice big elastic at the waist.  Design didn't matter to me, even though it looks cool, I can live without design too!

Inside of diaper with soaker snapped in and without.  I like that it's "heat fused" in there.  However to my like there's still a lot of PUL showing, but in all honesty, how else would you make it?  I also am finding that I hate snap in doublers, because if I don't put it in, then those snaps are up against baby's crotch, but then I don't mind using it just as it comes either.  So it's really preference!

Here is the adjustable elastic I was talking about.  Very creative!

 Here it is all snapped together on Malachi's setting.  She included start snaps, which again is nice but I can live without.  I find the star snaps are a little hard to undo and do.  But I don't mind it enough to say anything bad about it.

And on my 14lbs + not even 2 months old.  I love it, and hope that it will grow with him as he gets older.

So where to buy?

This diaper pictured is not in her shop just yet.  It should be releasing soon.  I can't wait to see how Malachi grows in the future.  Because I'm really worried about him outgrowing his one size diapers.  And if these continue to fit, you can guarantee that these will be his "big boy" diapers.  And I will be purchasing a lot of these!

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