Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Conan's Blanket

Pretty much exactly a month ago Conan's mom sent me an email saying, "Do you make blankets?"  I told her I had before and could, but don't normally.  That it can get pricey and timely and I know it's nerve wracking knowing you have buckets of money out in the hopes that you will get something back.  It sounds like one great big scam.  And right at this time I was in the process of being scammed by another woman, or she was attempting to, I am to smart for that!  :)

So the emails started coming, I want this, well how about this?  Now like I said I don't normally make blankets but when she delivered that line in that email, "this is something I've wanted to do for him since I was pregnant but was never able to complete"(not quoting here) I was sold, hook, line and sinker, I was all in.  I knew in my heart I NEEDED to do this for her. 

She was nervous too, was she going to be scammed?  Is it a joke?  What is going to look like?  Can she do what she says she's going to do?  So every few days I would send her an email with an update and or picture to show her how it's coming along.  And trust me, this blanket was tedious and frustrating.  Every time I started, something went wrong.  Nothing was turning out how I envisioned.  Finally I just went for it.  It looked like it would be a little narrow but it was going to work.  She needed it for her two year old son.  I told her it would probably take until May, but she kept dropping little hints that she wished it would be done in time for her son's birthday.  I just knew I had to get it done for her, no questions asked.  It had to be done by April 1st.  It had to be there for his birthday.  So I went all in, doubled up the yarn and knitted it up quick.

The emails still kept coming she kept checking in to see how her blanket was going.  After a month long, I have finally finished this blanket.  I personally HATE doing blankets, nothing against Conan and his mom, it's me, if I can't see results in a few hours, I start to lose my mind, like the project is dragging on and on and will never end.  And as each week passed, and I finally got to the part where I was going to insert Conan's name, I knew I was in the home stretch.

I'm so glad I was able to do this for her.  Here are progressive pictures.  Like I said she emailed a lot and wanted pictures so I have so many of how this blanket came along.  And in no way was it annoying at all.  When I say the more descriptive you are the better, I mean it.  This blanket wouldn't of turned out how she wanted it if she hadn't of been so vocal.

It went from this at the start of March.

 A week or so later
 Another week
 The name is going in!  I remember how excited I was when I sent that email
 Completed the name with minimal efforts that same night.
 To it being almost done last night.
 To completely being done last night.
 My son showing how big it is, this is the back of the blanket.  All tediously interwoven.
 Wrapped around my son

I am so glad this thing is completed.  Hoping to ship it on Monday!

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