Wednesday, March 21, 2012

New Items

Oh my have I been adding to my items like crazy lately.  I have been making new bonnets for babies, and ACTUALLY selling things on ETSY.  Yep you read that right!  Since Facebook made the switch to the TimeLine I just can't figure it out, so I've opened back up shop on ETSY.  Still under the same name, my shop is AdriannaKnits.  Luckily this is a name that no one has ever used so I find it readily available. 

We are still working on getting the website up and running and moving like we want to.  Meaning that the husband still needs to do but, and I quote here from him, "I have some great new ideas to try out on your website."  Maybe soon we'll actually get an order form in there!  And some better pictures!

We currently are offering for the next 3 people who can do so, a $5 credit or refund that we will give once some professional or semi professional photos of an item we do not have a good picture of yet, is submitted.  So yes that is still open.  It can be for past hats, or recent orders. 

Ok well here's some new pictures of new items. 

Some new bonnet styles.  All with an under the chin closure with a wood button.

It's also that time again and getting close to Easter so I'm offering up Lamb and Bunny hats again.  I've sold a few but not many!


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