Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Cloth diaper trials

So I've had some people ask me about when the cloth diaper trials are going to start.

Soon.  Most likely the testers will be up for sale by May 1st.  I have lots of cuts for the "newborn" diapers, but not much for the one size because I ran out of the stuff I had.  (To many oops let's do it again!)  For those who want to be in on the trials, I'll stock on my FB page first, then over on Etsy.  They'll be first come first serve, and prices will be $18 for the one size AI2's and $12 for the newborn AI2's, that includes shipping.  The terms to buy will be that you submit what you like and don't like about it, and possibly a picture(optional) and then you can get a $5 credit towards anything we sell, be it crochet and knit wear, or another diaper.  I'm hoping to get the diapers ok'd by everyone testing them and made to start officially selling them by June 1st.  (Just in time for summer for cute prints!)

I have found some things out during my trials of making this brand new glorious diaper.

IT'S HARD.  I've been sewing for years, well ok, pretty much my whole life, but I honestly wasn't ready for a serger.  The husband was worried about me threading it and getting frustrated, we found out that's the least of our worries.  It's getting the thing to GO that's hard!

I've been trying to find a way to get you these diapers at the least amount for price.  Let's be honest, we can't all afford a diaper that is $30 and then shipping on top!  And if I have to have the fabrics shipped to me, then of course it's going to be more!  So I've been traveling the Vancouver/Portland area(which is still far from my house), and have found I can pretty much purchase everything here, except for the bamboo/hemp for inserts.  Isn't that nice?  I have found two stores that carry microfleece!  I can't get every color to match the diaper outers, but I can get a pretty good range of colors!  And that's really nice!  Also, just about every print I see on Fabric.com(which so many people buy from), is available in a store in Portland.  Since my family lives there, it's easy for me to find a reason to go there.  Babyville is also selling PUL now, it's a heavier PUL but I've found, PUL is PUL, some is thinner, but I like thicker.  So the means I can get everything I need right here in my area and cut costs for you guys!

We are going to be selling 4 types of items.  We're going to be bringing serged one size fitteds, one size turned and top stitched print AI2's, newborn turned and top stitched print AI2's, and wipes.  I really like the wipes I've been making, and will be making wipes with flannel and microfleece.  All of the diapers will all have snaps, and as of right now there won't be a custom list, just stocking.  So if there's something you need and want to request a print, you of course can and I can see if I can get it.  It's that simple.  After the trials the prices will be $20 for the fitteds and newborn AI2's, $25 for the one size AI2's and the wipes will be 5 for $7.  All AI2's will have the double gussets, and will come with 2 inserts of either bamboo or hemp terry(soft side out of course!).  If you need additional inserts, they will be $8 for the set(once you see the inserts you'll see what I'm talking about they'll snap together).  I have found with these types of diapers, you only need about 4-5 shells and several inserts.  If baby doesn't poop, I can take off the insert, snap in a new one, put it on and be good to go.

I can't wait to make these!  As of right now we have several super hero diapers coming.  Let's be honest, I have a boy and can't stand it that there just isn't super hero diapers!  And the Avengers movie is coming out soon!  (Can you tell I have all boys and just one girl?  I definitely want to see that movie!)  But I'm going to try and make it even for both boys and girls.

Also, I haven't come up with a name for these diapers just yet.  I can't come up with anything.  So for right now, none of the diapers will have labels.  Hopefully soon I can come up with a name, but right now I just don't have anything.

Hopefully these will be a hit!  I need something to make mostly during the summer months so I can have something to do.  I will also be showcasing these along with my crochet and knit work and bazaars this winter.

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