Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Half Sweaters

About a year ago my sister law sent me a link for a half sweater.  Now I got to thinking, could I really do that?  What is the true purpose of a half sweater or shrug? 

I made a few anyways, and gave them to my daughter.

One I made for her about a year ago.

It's was made when we lived in our old house, so I know it was more than a year ago.  The clothes she's wearing are 12-18 months, so the sweater is probably right around that size, possibly 24 monthsish.

Well the summer came and went, then winter.  And my daughter became very much obsessed with Minnie Mouse that I was afraid to even ask if she wanted to wear a handmade sweater by mommy.

And then today they wanted to go outside and play and we needed to grab something to cover her shoulders so she could play. 

So I grabbed the shrug.

And even though now she mostly wears a 3t, it still fits perfectly.  And if your my daughter, it looks even better with a backwards kitty hat, a skort, and rubber boots.  

I think I'm a fan, that even after a year, this fits her.  I'll be making more of these for the kids!

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