Sunday, May 13, 2012

Hat sizing information

A few times a while back I did get some negative feedback on my hat sizes.  And as of recently I've had a lot of people throw out to me "normal" children sizes.  So I figured I would explain how I size my hats.  I have researched this a lot and this is what I have found to be very true.

Circumference of the head can vary from child to child. 

However, some things always remain the same on each child.  I've come to realize that all children through about 6 months, only have a 5-5.5 inch depth for hats.  But their head size can range anywhere from 12 inches to 16inches.  This is something I sometimes over look or don't know.  Which is why it's best to tell me when placing your order the AGE of the child.  For example my 4 months old has a 17 inches head, but the depth of his head is still about 5.5 inches, maybe 5.75. 

If you don't tell me how many inches I go off of these rules that I've found to be mostly true for each child.

A newborn tends to have a child 12-13 inches around and 5 inches or less in depth, so I make the hat 12 inches and it stretches.

I then go up by 1-2 inches for each size.

So a 0-3 months old with 13.5 inches and 5 inches deep.

A 3-6 months old is 14.5 inches around and 5.5 inches deep.

A 6 months old hat would be 16 inches around and 5.5 inches deep.

12 months is 18 inches around and 6 inches deep.

I have found that as a general rule, by the time your child hits 1, they have reached their head circumference.  It doesn't matter if their body grows, they're head circumference will stay the same for several years.  Possibly only growing about an inch or so by the time they're an adult.  I had been researching my children's heads and my nephews since I have been making them hats and they're still the same after almost 2 years.  My nephews head is still about 21 inches, and my daughter's is still 19-19.5 inches.  However, this is again where age comes into a factor.  Even though your child's head circumference stays the same, the depth does not.

For example.  At one year old a child can have a 19-20 inches head.  But the depth of the head is really only 6 inches.  At 2 their head depth is 6.5, and 3-4 and up is 7 inches deep.  So now your thinking here, head is 20 inches.  As an adult, my head is 20 inches.  But adults have deeper heads, an adult can have a 20 inch head, but our head depth is usually and 8 inches deep or more. 

So the whole point of this is to explain to me everything.  I don't know every child's age.  :)  I would love to, but well I'm not psychic.  And size information, well past a year, it doesn't do me any good at all!  None of my hats use patterns, I create everything myself.  So I base all my hats off of years of research and testing.  I measure measure measure, and then design and create. 

So I apologize to anyone if you have received a hat from me and it was to long or to short.  This is why, and why I've been asking so much for ages of the child when I make the hat. 

Thank you all for understanding! 

And look towards the summer!  I am busy making slippers again and crochet tiny sandals for girls and boys!  So we can cover those toesies and show them off too!  I can't wait, I wanted to so badly make sandals last year, but was working all summer long!  What fun this will be!

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