Monday, May 7, 2012

Inserts, and hybrids

So I'm constantly looking for the next best fabric for my inserts.

I was using organic cotton velour which was mislabeled as fleece.  I really wanted to try bamboo.  So I bought some, and I love it.

Secondly, I really wanted a foldable snake like insert that snapped apart.  I bought a diaper and really liked this concept, but the fact that folded up it was SO bulky for a little baby, I couldn't use it.  And was really disappointed.  So I wanted to make a snake like insert that snapped apart.  So it could be snapped apart for smaller babies.

The new inserts are roughly 4 inches by 20 inches(possibly 21)

In the AI2 there will be one 3 layer soaker, and then an additional 3 layer soaker that attaches to it. 

For my hybrid diapers, I found the more the better.  Since it is technically a fitted diaper, the more inserts, the better at having the inserts absorb the liquid then the cover itself.

Now my 3 layers(9 layers total) is far to bulky for an itty bitty baby.  But I like to think more into the future.  As babies get bigger, they pee more.  So I made a typical 6 layer petal soaker, 4 inches by 20 inches, and then an additional snap in insert as baby grows.

Here's what it looks like

Here's what it looks like with a 6 layer petal soaker on the smallest setting

Here's what it looks like with the extra snap in insert on the largest setting.

It's bulky but it definitely works great!  And I love these diapers at night.

Also, another change that I had posted was coming was reducing the snaps to only 2 rows.  Here's what that looks like

This is a really good change, now I have room to case elastic better, and still have room for the snaps!

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