Sunday, May 6, 2012

New Rules for Orders

So after sitting on several items, I'm realizing I really need something in writing for orders.  These rules apply to all custom orders.

So these are the new rules.

If you need to place an order please email me at adrianna @ adriannaknits . com  No spaces.

Once we have worked out all the bugs on your order, you will be invoiced.

Once invoice you will have 3 days to pay, or work out an email agreement with me.

I will then make your order and it will be shipped within 2 weeks.

In case of an order where it is a new pattern, or a tester pattern here are the new rules.

I will make the item.

Once the item is finished it must be approved in writing by you.

Once it is approved you will have 2 weeks to pay or else have an agreement between you and me via email(in writing).

If you do not pay for your item, your item will be re listed and attempted to be sold to someone else.  If no one buys it there is a possibility it could be trashed.

 In event of large items such as blankets

After everything is worked out and there is a written agreement a payment plan will be established. 

The final payment will be due upon completion of project and your approval. 

In any case of you not liking an item, your monies can be refunded.

In event of already made purchases

You will provide an email to be invoiced.

You then have 3 days to pay after which the item will be re-listed.

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