Thursday, June 28, 2012

3 Sweet Peas: QSFW with elastic

So Katie came to me a few weeks ago and she told me that she recently extended the wings on her QSFW and she wanted me to try one.  Which I was totally game for.

First lets start off with what is a QSFW?

QSFW= Quick Snap Flat Wrap.

Katie has been making these for a while and I personally love them, but never got to try one out.  I made some up of my own and I know I love mine, so why wouldn't I love hers?  She's made some modifications to wing size and added leg elastic.  She wanted me to try the new longer wing QSFW and I jumped.

She sent me a size 1 Dino Print with green cotton velour inner.  It's darling.

First impression of a QSFW, it can look hard.  It's two layers serged together.  It's designed to "fold up" like a prefold but in wrap form.  So that there will be 8 layers of protection through the wet zone.

Fully opened it looks like this

Looks hard huh?  Well it's actually very deceiving.  It's very easy to fold.  You fold one over, then the other, and adjust it to how you want it and BAM!  It's ready to go.  You don't really have to fold it just one way either, you can fold it however you really want it.  I tried it both ways.  With the velour towards the bum, and the jersey towards the bum.  Both worked excellently.

Here it is folded
If your still confused, Katie has step by step pictures on her FB page on how to fold these beauties.

So how did this hold up? 

It actually worked excellently.  I love love LOVED this diaper.  When I put it on I could see some problems, it was a little loose in the legs, but I mean it's a flat WRAP, it's like a prefold, even with elastic there's going to be a little gap, that's what a cover is for.  So I just brushed that aside. 

The first time I used it I thought I was using it wrong or that it didn't work.  Turns out it was just me.  After using it and making baby boy stay in it for longer than an hour, it really held it's weight.  I think he peed in it two or three times and it was barely damp on the outside, all the wetness was contained.

I loved that you can fold it either way and still get great absorbency.

It was easy to figure out, even though it looks intimidating.

Washed nicely and dried fast.  Great plus!

The only negative was that I was testing this out for wing span.  And even on the smallest setting it was to big.  I kind of attributed it not so much to the larger wings span as a mix of two things.  The first being that it's jersey fabric(which is stretchy) and velour(also stretchy) which means it went on great and tight, but after a few minutes of rolling around in it, it fell off.  Which is kind of funny as long as there's not poop in there you know?  :)  Also my son has a very weird figure.  Every diaper fits him differently.  Even if I have the same brand of diapers, each one fits him just a little bit differently.  It's weird.  I attribute that to a lack of hips and butt.  But he's a guy so I'm ok with that too.  My son is almost 20 lbs and still wears the smallest setting for most diapers that are one size.  But a small is to small and a medium is to big.  He's just one of those babies that has a funky build.

Katie has told me that she has reduced the wing span a bit though on her size 1s.  After all it was my job to test it.

The other thing I worry about is the back bum area.  And I find this with all snap flats, even my own.  How can you better cover the bum area?  It's only 2 layers of fabric back there you know?  And we all know babies don't just pee, they poop too.  And if you have my son's poop, it just rolls out of everything, which with this diaper it did.  It's a problem I can't figure out how to fix, and I don't know if you can!  But this is still my all time favorite diaper and I grab it always first because I love it so much.  I definitely recommend it to everyone!  Plus they're in expensive!

So how to get one?

Currently Katie is partcipating in the Summer Cloth Diaper Giveaway Hop.  There are 2 days left to enter, and her prizes are pretty amazing!  They also include one of these QSFW, which she is now calling folded fitteds.

She is also moving on July 8th from ETSY to HyenaCart, you can find her there.

And of course like her on Facebook.  She has so much to offer.  She makes beautiful Mei Tais, Fleece wraps, PUL wraps, and fleece covers/shorties/skirties and longies.  Sometimes she even has upcycled wool longies.  Seriously check her out!

And here is some pictures of MAC in his diaper.  I love this.  And granted he just pooped it in again, kind of goes with having a cold.  I can't wait to wash it and put it back on!  So cute!

Here it is on the smallest setting.  You can see it's snug for the time being.

And then he rolls over.  You can see some of the gaps in the legs but I think this is unavoidable!  It's like a prefold it needs a cover!
Back shot!

And he's smiling hecause he just blew out of this.  I need to keep that in mind next time I try to get pictures of him in a diaper when he has a cold.

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