Saturday, June 30, 2012

Folded Fitteds. Specs and Giveaway.

So I've been seeing them around the cloth diapering world these days and I have to figure out just what these "new" kind of diapers are.

Folded contour diapers.  With or without elastic.

I started researching these diapers, and all I found is that I've made these diapers before.

So funny right?  Well after 2 years, I still loved my fitted prefolds, and decided it was time to make them again for the new baby.

Of course my favorite materials is still, and always will be flannel, but I understand, not many people like flannel.  Some people says it's coarse, I still love it.  So I made a ton for myself out of old receiving blankets(if you follow my Facebook you've seen them), made some up for my brother's baby, and ultimately decided that these are cheaper to make, and they hold well.  At least they hold well for me.  So now it's time to turn to the testing phase.

So what exactly are these new diapers I've made?  I have designed them myself from a flat square to be folded.  There is a cotton decorative print outer, and bamboo fleece makes up the rest of the diaper, this folded diaper consists of only 2 layers of fabric which makes for faster drying time.  When folded, there is approximately 5 layers of bamboo fleece through the wet zone.  To fix the "back butt issue" I have included a bonus snap in snake like insert designed to be folded up for added protection through the butt of the diaper to help with blowouts, and additional absorbency through the wet zone.

Here's some pictures of what it looks like.

All snapped together.  Each diaper will have one row of 8 snaps across the top(unless you want touch tape, always a possibility)  It will have one or 2 crossover/hip snaps, still working out those details.

And the back.

The inside with the soaker detached, now I was short bamboo so I added the cotton through parts of the center of my diaper, but in all other diapers there will be bamboo fleece through the entire wet zone.  There is cased leg and back elastic to truly make it a fitted diaper.

This is so simple to figure out, on how to fold it.

Fold one side over.

Then the other., no right or wrong way to do it!

Then snap in the insert and fold it up(The snake like inserts will be approx 4.5 inches to cover the butt space and 22 inches long(for the size 2).

And put it on the bum!

Now my son has a size 18x18, or a size 2 on.  He has it on, on the smallest setting, this diaper is a bit big on him, he weighs approximately 18 lbs.  There is a small gap in the leg elastic but he'll grow into it so I don't mind.  It fits well under a medium sized fleece soaker.

Here you can see the gap in his leg elastic, but when his legs are down, it seems to be pretty sealed..

Since I'm ready to start marketing these and selling these.  I need feedback.  I know how they work for us, but I don't know how they work for OTHERS.  Plus I have not even a guess on what weight limit a "Size 1" or "Size 2" would fit!  I know my nephew has a "Size 2" and he's in 12/18 months clothes and I heard those fit him well too.  So as you can see I need help.

If your interested, I'm giving away 2 of these beauties in left over prints I have on hand, in the size of your choice.  A small 16x16 inches, or a larger size of 18x18 inches.  There will be only one winner for each size.  I'm giving away a total of 2 diapers to 2 different people.

There is a catch though.  If you want to win one of these diapers, you need to give your feedback on how they work and the size of your baby that they fit.  I need these figures so I can change them for my bazaar tables in the fall, and you need to email me those specs in a timely manner.

Here are the prints you can choose from.  I have some cotton print bicycles left, a flannel farm print, and of course my beautiful black cherries print.

Price for these will be $10 for a smaller size and $12 for a larger size.

To enter, simply fill out the rafflecopter form below.  Your diaper will be made once the giveaway is over, in the chance that 2 winners are chosen for the different sizes and choose the same prints, you will be contacted to either choose another print or I can choose another winner!  And as of right now these fitteds are turned and topstitched, I haven't found a way to properly serge these yet.

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  1. Thanks for posting this, hope I win :)

  2. So excited about winning :) I can't wait to get to use it. Thank you Adrianna!