Tuesday, January 15, 2013

We're expanding!

Well in a way we're expanding.

And it's in a non-pregnancy kind of way, just clearing that up.

So how do you expand something that is solely run by one person?

It's this simple.

After sending off the brain hat to my grandpa, apparently a lot of people like it. 

My grandparents are "snow birds" going to Arizona every winter.

This time my grandmother has asked for items to take with her, so she can sell them because a lot of people ask about the brain hat.  She also does a lot of recon for me at craft shows there and will send me pictures of things she likes.

The new items will be primarily adult.  I was think plain headbands, brain hats, possibly some scarves, that kind of stuff.  Stuff that will be lightly warm, not to heavy for those cold nights and days that Arizona does get cold.

So that's our 2nd big update.  I have until the summer to deliver the goods and I hope that I have a good stash of items by then!

Thanks to all my family and the people who continue to keep me in business.  You guys truly keep me busy, and already this year, I've been slammed through January.  I love it all.

Thanks again.

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