Tuesday, February 5, 2013

2013. New policies. New prices.

Well it's official, with 1 month in, we are well into 2013.

My shop has been open since 2010, which amazes me that I've been open this long.  It's grown so much since I first started, and for everyone, I really appreciate that.

I still want to maintain a very friendly relationship with all my customers.  Conversations are best.  However, with running a business you have to be a little businessy you know?  So this will be a personal goal for 2013.

1. Price Increase
I know this part of it sucks.  It really does.  However, with the discontinue of my AI2s and any other diaper other than the prefold fitteds or "pre fitteds", this is a must.  So all prefold converted diapers and the conversions will be going up .50.

Did you even know I offer warranties on all my diapers?  A 30 day warranty that will cover snaps not working, if the fit isn't right, if something rips, natural wear and tear.  If it's fixable, I'll fix it, if it's my fault, I'll fix it, if you don't want it or the fit isn't right, I'll refund your money all except shipping costs.

The warranty starts the day you get it.  Not from the date of purchase.  I am always willing to offer longer warranties to pregnant moms buying ahead(Meaning your diaper warranty will start the day your baby is born).  A warranty is not any good if your not able to physically use it.  Talking this over with me ensures you get the right warranty that fits for you.

3. Shipping
USPS has already put into effect a price increase for shipping.  However, I am determined to still bring low shipping costs to you.  I promise to you, I will do everything I can, to get your items shipped to you in a nice way, that is low cost to you.

Which brings me to another problem, Etsy doesn't have an auto off for shipping.  For every listing you purchase it adds more shipping.  Please remember, I still think this is outrageous.  Your monies will always be refunded to you if it's over shipping.  If Etsy is charging you $20 for shipping something that is going to fit into something that is only $5, all of that money will be refunded.

I also offer flat shipping amounts.  This price did have to go up about .25, but that's ok.  On Etsy, all shipping money will be refunded after 10.25 immediately, and all orders that total more than $50 in items purchased will have free shipping.

Shipping will be $3.75 on all first class orders, $5.25 for small flat rate, and $10.25 for medium flat rate.
$6.00 to Canada
4. Orders
All my work is custom orders.  I don't have a problem with this, and many that buy from me, you guys don't either.  This pertains to all Facebook orders, or email orders.

However, I am having problems with people not following through on orders, and then purchasing it from someone else.  This is not a genuine, upsetting, life changing event, but it is frustrating.  A lot of the custom orders I make, don't have a down payment, no insurance, and then I'm stuck with an item that is custom to you.

From now on all orders, will require a PayPal email for a down payment.  Which will be 5% of your total purchase.

Local orders that don't have PayPal, I will accept a written consent of agreement to pay via Email.

Any order that does not have the down payment, will not be started.

This will be thoroughly enforced.

5. Quality of Orders
This one sounds weird but I can't think of a better name for it.

All I ask is that you remember I am not a machine, I make everything by hand.  It takes time, and sometimes I'm at the mercy of machines.  Sometimes my serger jumps, my snap pliers go through something it shouldn't, things happen.  The elastic may be identical on each side but somehow one is shorter.

Or my favorite, the prefolds shrink even more in the washer making it look uneven.

Everything I do is by hand.  I measure out and mark all the snap placement by hand.  I lay every snap by hand, every elastic.  Some of my diapers don't have patterns, which makes everyone different.  And things happen.

I check everything before it ships out.  If it doesn't mean my near perfect qualification, you will receive an email to be refunded to take it as a seconds or a NQP(not quite perfect), if you don't want it, your more than welcome to have a new one made.

You also will also receive a picture of your order and what all is in it, and if there are, abnormalities so you can make that decision for yourself before it ships.

This is just a friendly reminder, please don't expect machine factory perfection diapers.

Also, adding in conversion diapers here.

If something happens to your prefold during a conversion, it will be replaced by me if you still don't want the original.

6. Shipping times
I've said I'm going to set shipping times and days before, and I've never really followed through.  However, it is something that really needs to be done.

Shipping days will be Tuesday and Friday.  No more exceptions, unless you have worked out a rush order agreement through me through convos and emails.

7. Vacation Mode
Vacation mode on Etsy doesn't necessarily mean I'm on vacation.  Sometimes it happens when I have to many orders that I need filled in a timely manner.  So I will then put the shop on "vacation mode" for a week, to avoid further orders being added to the pile.  In my Vacation Message you'll see a list of all items I am working on.  As I complete each one, it will be taken off.

I believe this gives you a peace of mind, that you'll know where you are at on the list, and that your order is getting done.

Thank you all for making this all happen to me.  I really love it that I'm able to be able to do this, and offer everyone products they need.  It makes me feel so great.  Thanks again.