Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Adding something new!

So although yes, my site is mostly for my crochet and knit wear.  And I love doing it.  It's hard to find people to buy things.  Everyone loves my items, but let's face it, they're not year round kind of wear.  Winter only comes but once a year, if your lucky and live in the NW like us, it's almost 10 months but most don't.  My items go all across the USA.

And most recently I have supporting WAHM business and buying what I thing are "bigger" cloth diapers for my monstrous almost 3 months old.

To get a better sense of why I say monstrous you must take into consideration the size of my children at birth and a year.  My first one was 11lbs 4 oz at 40 weeks 4 days and 30lbs at year.  The second was 8lbs 11oz at only 37 weeks and 23 lbs at a year, and with my history the last was forced out via medical induction at 39 weeks and weighed 10lbs 2 oz, he's almost 3 months old and weighs about 16lbs.  No doctors have figured out WHY my children are so big, but I have no medical problems(AKA GD) to cause babies this big.  I just grow them that big.

When I brought my last son home, he instantly got burned from the Costco diapers.  Because of his weight, I couldn't buy newborn diapers, I had to use size SM, which unfortunately rubbed his stump until it fell off a few days to early.  It was fine but it fell off to soon.

As of recently I bought a WAHM diaper in Cat in the Hat for upcoming pictures.  It's an awesome diaper, but has a fold down rise, which I didn't think would matter much, but the leg hole seems to slip a little and on our second ware of testing it out, little man blew all over the diaper.  And this diaper is WHITE, pictures aren't until April 7th.

As my thoughts started coming to a head, and a rolling boil, I contacted her to see if I was doing anything wrong, I wasn't, it was him.  I was finding that even the BIGGEST of the BIGGEST diapers weren't going to last for my little one, who at not even 3 months is wearing diapers my daughter wore at 6 months old.  And his legs are wonky, so I have to lower the rise which causes the diapers to sit to low, causing leaks out the top.

So, as I'm thinking what if I can fix this?  I see so many diapers, they all have wonderful features, but not one offers it all in one glorious diaper.  Also, yes there are WAHM who make larger newborn diapers, but lets be honest, I haven't seen something really fancy that will last you until 3-4 months.  They all go up to 12 lbs and that's it.  For me that would be less than 1 month of use!

So again, can I fix this?  And all my thoughts started to finally come together!  What if I could make a beautiful custom like diaper for newborns up to about 15-20 lbs?  What if it didn't just have a PUL inner but a soft minky or microfleece?  And wouldn't it be better if it had inner gussets like the Rump-a-rooz?  To ensure that poo wouldn't seep out so much?  And what about the soakers?  I don't like that I don't get to pick my soak ability.  What if I could make snap soakers that you could continue to snap together to get the absorbency you wanted like the Thirsties duos?  I have all these wonderful diapers but they would just work better if they were all in one system!

So that's how my ideas came about.  For those of you who have already thought about being testers for this glorious new diaper, your probably wondering can I sew?  Well of course I can sew, I have been making homemade flannel fitteds for years.  I designed a wonderful line of backwards diapers similar to the g-diapers but were all in ones that never made it out of the tester phase.  My only problem is that I'm fast, and when it comes to sewing you can't be fast, you have to take your time to ensure ever stitch is in place correctly.

I have already ordered a selection of fabrics and inners, and hope to have a small line of testers out by the end of April.  I've decided to not do a two size system but to just have a more generous newborn size and then one size.  If these work I'll also make my wonderful flannel fitteds that everyone loves, and maybe wipes and simpler diapers that wouldn't be so "custom" but a PUL print with a soft inner for a more affordable option.  The options really are endless.  So stay tuned.  I think they're going to be GREAT!

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